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SHR_Scunthorpe Your Christmas Day line up: 10am: The Christmas Selection Box 1pm: The Hospital Trust Carol Service, from St Lawr…
SHR_Scunthorpe We've told some bad jokes between the music tonight on Scunthorpe Hospital Radio for #UKPunDay But I'm pleased that…
SHR_Scunthorpe We are fundraising this weekend in Sainsbury's. Come along and meet us if you are interested in volunteering.
SHR_Scunthorpe We’re live at Glanford Park now for full match commentary of @SUFCOfficial v Coventry City. Being in hospital doesn…
SHR_Scunthorpe RT @seandunderdale: Thanks @ScunthorpeLive for the @SHR_Scunthorpe coverage on Christmas Eve.
SHR_Scunthorpe RT @BradleyMell: Really enjoyed my guest spot on @SHR_Scunthorpe at half time today. Looking forward to doing more in the future! #UTI
SHR_Scunthorpe It’s @SUFCOfficial v Luton Town today, as the fight-back begins. We’ve commentary from Glanford Park for patients a…
SHR_Scunthorpe Better late than never! They’ve finished the 3-D Big Ben.
SHR_Scunthorpe That’s it for the Christmas Selection Box for another year. Merry Christmas to Sean, Andy & Iain. Thanks to all the…
SHR_Scunthorpe Here’s Andy’s attempt at ‘When Will I Be Famous’ on the Kazoo! Quality Christmas entertainment! 😂
SHR_Scunthorpe Who’s idea were the kazoos?
SHR_Scunthorpe RT @NicDakinMP: Thank you @SHR_Scunthorpe for this and all your other shows for patients and workers @NHSNLaG
SHR_Scunthorpe RT @seandunderdale: I’m now presenting on @SHR_Scunthorpe on my own as @iainshr & @Andybbl are too busy building a 3-D Big Ben puzzle! http…
SHR_Scunthorpe There’s an hour to go of the Christmas Selection Box. Here’s what else you’ll find on SHR today: 🌲 12 noon: The…
SHR_Scunthorpe As promised, Andy’s Christmas card. Home-made, no less.
SHR_Scunthorpe Sean’s playing his music quiz gift from Iain. Here’s the answer to the question he’s just asked on air.
SHR_Scunthorpe It’s presents time for our presenting trio. As you can see, Andy is VERY excited! 😁
SHR_Scunthorpe Thanks to @NicDakinMP for breaking away from unwrapping presents just now to join us on the programme. Let’s hope h…
SHR_Scunthorpe Sean, Andy & Iain are on standby. Your Christmas Selection Box is about to get underway.
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