The Studios, Scunthorpe General Hospital, Cliff Grds, Scunthorpe
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 Our Challenge List (click challenge to hear audio if we have it)


1      Golf putting challenge  tick    19      Do a Bungee Jump   tick   
2 Omlette Challenge  tick 20 Do a Maze blindfolded - Wragby Maze  tick
3 Make flower in a Windmill  tick 21 Have a go at Speedway  tick
4 Go on a Park Run  tick 22 Take a penalty at Scunthorpe United  tick
5 Coast 2 Cosat Cycle  tick 23 Take a Steam Train Ride - Tata Steam Train  tick
6 Go Climbing  tick 24 Feed Crocodiles  tick 
7 Go Gliding  tick 25 Bee Keeping  tick
8 Control a Quadcopter with Brain power  tick 26 Rage Buggy Racing  tick
9 Archery  tick 27 Make a cake and decorate it  tick
10 Overnight show  tick 28 Read the news on the TV  tick
11 Cameraman for Estuary TV  tick 29 Narrowboat driving  tick
12 Be a Barista at CafĂ© Indie  tick 30 Food Grape Challenge  tick
13 Pea Challenge  tick 31 Get SHR on TV  tick
14 Baloon popping  tick 32 Predict a winner at the races  tick
15 T-shirt challenge  tick 33 Sign up to the army  tick
16 Ice Bucket challenge  tick 34 Aussie Slang Challenge  tick
17 Ping pong ball in egg cups  tick 35 Finish a 35 hour radio broadcast  tick
18 Balloons keepyuppy  tick      




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